2011-2012 Scholarship Recipients

Jamar BrownJamar Brown
Attending Housatonic Community College
Field of Interest: Human Services
CONNTAC Representative: Karen Touch

Jamar is a Human Services major at Housatonic Community College, and he currently holds a commendable 3.72 GPA. He made the decision to attend college after a less than friendly separation from his previous employment. He describes the mistreatment that he experienced as positively changing his life forever because it resulted in his decision to further his education. His short term goals include graduating from HCC with a 3.5 or above GPA, starting a NAACP Chapter on campus, and starting an athletic program at HCC. Upon graduating from Housatonic Community College, he plans to continue his education through earning a Master’s degree and then to construct and operate a community center in Bridgeport. Jamar gives thanks to his CONNTAC Counselor, Karen Touch, for assisting him with the financial aid process and informing him about scholarship opportunities. “If there is a question that I have or a time that I may have become unclear of a situation, I know that my CONNTAC Counselor can direct me in the right direction.”

Gladimy DorvalGladimy Dorval
Attending Housatonic Community College
Field of Interest: Computer Information Systems
CONNTAC Representative: Karen Touch

Growing up in a low-income family, Gladimy describes going to college as “The only way out.” From a very young age, he always knew that he wanted to become a Dentist or a Computer Scientist. After withdrawing from the University of Bridgeport due to financial hardships, Gladimy made the decision to enroll at Housatonic Community College majoring in Computer Information Systems. He plans to transfer back to a four-year university after graduating with his Associate degree. He appreciates CONNTAC-EOC for helping him throughout his journey at Housatonic Community College. Gladimy says that the scholarship will help him pay for tuition, books, and other materials needed for school.

Latoya HaywoodLatoya Haywood
Attending Gateway Community College
Field of Interest: Nursing
CONNTAC Representative: Shontisha Kinchen

Latoya is currently a dislocated worker raising two teenage girls as a single mother. One child is her biological daughter, and the other one is her niece who she has raised since she was 5 years of age. She made the decision to further her education at Gateway Community College for a better future for herself and her family. She is one of two people in her immediate family to earn a high school diploma, and she plans to be the first to graduate from college. Latoya has already worked in the nursing field as a nurse’s assistant, a certified nursing assistant, and a home health aide. With her experience, degree, and compassion, she is sure to be an asset to the nursing community. She expresses sincere gratitude for her CONNTAC Counselor, Shontisha Kinchen, for assisting her with financial aid and scholarships, directing her to appropriate departments within Gateway, and for just being there when she needed to talk. Latoya explains that the scholarship will help her purchase books for the upcoming semester.

Faith MendozaFaith Mendoza
Attending Middlesex Community College
Field of Interest: Business Administration
CONNTAC Representative: Widelyne Moise

Faith currently holds a 3.65 GPA at Middlesex Community College, and has set a goal of maintaining this GPA throughout her college career. Since all of her classes have required internet use for assignments, she has demonstrated determination because she has relied on Middlesex computers, going to the library, or using her neighbor’s computer in order to complete her homework and maintain good grades. In addition, she is a single mother raising 5 children, she participates in work-study at Middlesex, and she holds part-time employment. Faith thanks her CONNTAC Counselor, Widelyne Moise, for assisting her with financial aid. “Widelyne answered all of my questions, and she went above and beyond to assist me while doing it all with a smile.”

Floridalma OathoutFloridalma Oathout
Attending Tunxis Community College
Field of Interest: Dental Hygiene
CONNTAC Representative: Erica Coleman

Floridalma migrated to the United States from Guatemala about 12 years ago in pursuit of a better life for her and her family. Once she arrived to the U.S., she worked at two jobs up to 80 hours a week, in order to sustain herself and support her parents and three young brothers back in Guatemala. She followed this rhythm for over 10 years until one day she decided that she wanted a career instead of just a “job.” She enrolled in a GED program, and improved her writing skills and English simultaneously, since English is her second language. Immediately after receiving her diploma, she enrolled at Tunxis Community College majoring in Dental Hygiene with dreams of giving back to the community and one day opening her own dental practice in New Britain. She is grateful for her CONNTAC Counselor, Erica Coleman, who helped her with the entire college process including enrollment, financial aid, and registering for classes. “Erica is so helpful, friendly, and very patient. I appreciate that she is always there to answer my many questions.”

Vanessa ParkerVanessa Parker
Attending Three Rivers Community College
Field of Interest: Nursing
CONNTAC Representative: Gloria Dover

Vanessa is a single mother to an 8 year old son; she works part- time at a hospital while attending college part-time. She realizes that graduating from college, as a nurse, would allow her to be a strong, positive role model for her son as he is her motivation. She credits her CONNTAC Counselor, Gloria Dover, for giving her the tools to better understand the process of applying for scholarships and for helping her realize that she can push through any obstacles in order to pursue her dream. Vanessa shares that she plans to use the scholarship to help pay for a new laptop so that she can efficiently complete her schoolwork.

Sasha RosarioSasha Rosario
Attending Norwalk Community College
Field of Interest: Nursing
CONNTAC Representative: Karen Touch

Sasha is pursuing her dreams to become a Registered Nurse specializing in neonatal care. She always knew that she wanted to become a nurse and help people in need. She plans to be the first person in her family to graduate high school, graduate college, and have a successful career. Sasha explains that balancing school, maintaining a 3.30 GPA, and being involved in extra-curricular activities, while working part-time trying to save money for college has not been easy. She thanks her CONNTAC Counselor, Karen Touch, for helping her complete her FAFSA and apply for scholarships. “Karen helped my mother and I overcome the fear of me not being able to further my education and realize my dream career.” The scholarship will assist Sasha with paying for books, transportation, and a laptop for college.

Mark SebastianMark Sebastian
Attending Three Rivers Community College/ University of Connecticut
Field of Interest: Liberal Arts and Sciences/ Social Work
CONNTAC Representative: Gloria Dover

Sebastian is currently in a consortium agreement with Three Rivers Community College and the University of Connecticut, which means that he is simultaneously enrolled in both institutions. He plans to earn his BGS degree from the University of Connecticut by the end of 2013, and ultimately complete his Master’s degree in Social Work. The slump in the labor market has made it difficult for Sebastian to find full-time employment, and this has created numerous financial barriers for him. He appreciates his CONNTAC Counselor, Gloria Dover, for being available to find answers to obstacles and for pushing him to “finish what he started.” “Ms. Gloria Dover provided professional and developmental services that have helped to guide me through areas of the unknown and the seemingly financially unachievable.” Sebastian looks forward to his future of becoming an advocate for Native Americans, the homeless, disabled individuals, veterans, and victims of abuse.

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