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Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The mission of CONNTAC is to promote and expand equal educational access and opportunity for Connecticut residents. CONNTAC advocates issues and provides support services for residents from low-income, first generation educational backgrounds to give them reasonable, realistic opportunities to succeed and be empowered socially and economically.

Goal 1: To strengthen CONNTAC’s communication, advocacy, and collaborative partnerships that enhance the quality of existing programs that serve low-income and first-generation residents.

Goal 2: To establish and maintain links to build stronger state, regional and national relations with organizations that support the mission of CONNTAC. 

Goal 3: To strengthen CONNTAC’s financial capacity to support and expand services for the organization and client base. 

Goal 4: To provide professional development and advocacy opportunitiesfor staff and organizations committed to educational access and opportunity. 

Goal 5: To improve access to advanced technologies for CONNTAC affiliates.